If Aquarius can find someone who is willing to give them their space, they will be loyal and true lovers. The Aquarius man is impulsive, independent, and an excellent communicator.

Love Tarot Card for the Day for Aquarius

A woman seeking his affections has to be cool, calm, and collected. Anyone interested in him has to be willing to listen to his ideas and encourage him to achieve his dreams. Aquarius usually falls in love with someone he has been friends with for a long time.

If you want to keep your Aquarius you have to be supportive of his desire to help people and change the world. The Aquarius woman is enigmatic, eccentric, and free-spirited. She has a weird and unique sense of humor. Any man looking to woo her has to make her laugh. Aquarius is smart and wants to have intelligent and good conversations with a potential partner.


She sees herself as a unique and true individual and she is looking for someone who is equally different from everyone else. Though Leo and Aquarius are opposing signs, they have an inexplicable attraction to each other. They do have some trust issues, but they understand each other enough that they can work through their problems. They are both heroic people who will fight for the things they believe in.

Together Leo and Aquarius can be a formidable force for good in this world. It has an 'ancient' feel but also a 'modern' feel that many enjoyed getting readings with and is a sure winner for a primer deck! I was attracted to it by the wonderful art-deco style and the watercolors, both of which appeal to my sensibilities.


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This deck is very emotive - there's a strong sense of feeling that emanates from these cards, and it is often that feeling, rather than the imagery depicted, that informs my reading with them. Games Systems. What sets it apart is its very attractive Art Deco-ish style and its precise, highly polished execution. Many of the cards have very evocative touches, such as the waving grasses and the distant flying birds in the 5 of Cups.

There is also a very interesting use of color. Most of the colors are pale or washed-out, with lots of grey or white spaces and small touches of bright colors here and there. This gives the deck a sort of expansive yet melancholy quality, a quality reinforced by the faces, which seem mostly sad.

In contrast with the dark, clear lines on the rest of the cards, the faces are mostly drawn lightly in pencil, giving them a ghostly feel. In recent years, there have been hundreds of new Tarot decks coming onto the market and reshaping the way we see Tarot.

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That deck is the Aquarian Tarot deck — one of the most popular decks from the s. This beautiful deck combines Art Deco and Art Nouveau imagery with medieval depictions to create a unique aesthetic. The Aquarian Tarot was seen as cutting edge during its release in and it has become a classic and trusted Tarot deck many decades later, especially as we enter the Aquarian Age.

A fresh project could spark your creativity. This day allows you to shed the old you and be reborn. Your new life begins today! Let your head lead the way, even if it feels counterintuitive. You have the opportunity to get your money right once and for all. This leads to a feeling of real security. You must work to find your middle ground. Watch out for extremes.

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Success is yours! Look to the future! But do know that the seeds you planted are growing.

Your guides are trying to protect you. Pay attention! Things are about to change up. Be alert and ready to act! Got a business?

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