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Experts recommend introducing common food allergens to babies when they're 4—6 months old. This includes babies with a family history of food allergies.

Birthday Meanings

In the past, they thought that babies should not get such foods like eggs , peanuts , and fish until after the first birthday. But recent studies suggest that waiting that long could make a baby more likely to develop food allergies. Offer these foods to your baby as soon as your little one starts eating solids.

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Make sure they're served in forms that your baby can easily swallow. Note: There is no benefit to offering fruit juice , even to older babies. Juice can fill them up and leave little room for more nutritious foods, promote obesity, cause diarrhea, and even put a baby at an increased risk for cavities when teeth start coming in.

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Before their first birthday, babies still need the nutrients in breast milk or formula. But at 1 year old, your baby can try whole cow's milk. Because babies need the fat in whole milk for normal growth and brain development during the busy early toddler period. You can transition your baby from formula to whole milk by beginning to replace bottles of formula with bottles — or sippy cups — of milk. By 1 year old, your baby should be eating a variety of other foods and only cups milliliters of milk per day. In their first few months, babies usually don't need extra water. On very hot days, most babies do well with additional feedings.

But you may want to offer your infant water, especially if your baby's pee is dark or your baby pees less often than usual. Once your baby is eating solid foods, you can offer a few ounces of water between feedings, but don't force it. This In Bloom Pink pack is perfect for Spring with its beautiful florals. I also love this black and white Nature Walk Basics pack.

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The new iron-on is perfect to decorate t-shirts, pillows, tote bags and more. So think bold texts and larger images. I used the pink watercolor sheet from the Natalie Malan Sunset Blossom pack to make this sweatshirt. Design Space link here. I chose a simple text, Cricut Sans, but the watercolor gives it a fun effect.

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I love the light pink tones with the green of the sweatshirt. You can really enjoy the beautiful pattern with a large simple image. Open Cricut Design Space and create your design to fit your shirt. You can open my design here.

Best Iron-Rich Foods for Babies, Toddlers, & Big Kids

I used the Cricut font Birthday Bash for the words and number one. In order to create the layered look with the iron-on, you will need to slice your image.

Numerology : the number 7 personality (if you're born on the 7, 16 or 25)

The easiest way to do this is to duplicate the words and set them aside for later. Line up your words exactly where you want them on the number one. Select both the words and number and use the Slice tool. Delete the extra layers that have been sliced out, leaving just sliced number one and your extra set of words that you set aside.

Place your iron-on on the StandardGrip green mat liner side down. Select Patterned Iron-on from the Materials list.

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  • Make sure your fine tip blade is loaded into your machine, mirror your image and then cut it out. Preheat your EasyPress to the temperature for your shirt material and iron-on type. I used a cotton shirt and patterned iron-on so my temperature was for 50 seconds. Make sure you have a flat, heat-resistance surface to use your EasyPress.