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Are there other indicators of general intelligence in the survey that could be used to control for vocabulary ability? To be fair to those on the less educated end of the scale, you might be running into a linguistic artifact here. If you drill down, my guess that among those who believe astrology is scientific, there is a concept that something is scientific if smart people think about it a lot. To make a really good case about levels of intelligence and education in relationship to beliefs about things like astrology, I think it would be necessary to really make sure that everybody understands the question.

Curious: I wonder if there is some sort of confirmation bias going on here at a low level. Vincent Libras are associated with truth and balance.

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There is a very tiny grain of truth at the core of sun signs seasons do have some effect on personality, both because of nature and nurture , but the entire prediction sequence built up around that, and associating it with stars in the sky, is as bunk as bunk can get. As Dan Dennett points out in Breaking the Spell, the evolutionary psychology of believers in the supernatural is science cit. The plural of guessing is not evidence- the plural of guessing is folk wisdom.

For that matter, are you talking about season, or month? So if you were born in Australia but later moved to the northern hemisphere, would you look at the horoscope for your actual sign or shift your birthdate by 6 months? Even if there was some grain of truth to seasonal correlations with personality, the fact that Astrology tries to explain it using the alignment of celestial bodies makes it not scientific.

It appears to me that the points made by Vince and April are pretty worthy ones while the points made by Tony and Cathy are more dubious I think Kirk tried to point that out in whatever language it is he communicates. For that matter, does anyone think that Vincent in particular and April to a slightly lesser extent are making non-compelling arguments? I think the other explanations regarding semantic misunderstanding or just having a vague sense of the terms explains a lot.

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Although are there intelligent people who believe that young earth creationism is scientific? Because the latter would be irrational, and everyone knows humans are always rational! Which is, we see God. But I think it highlights the phenomena at play. I think what happens is people recognize science is valuable but avoid the issue of what makes something scientific.

Of course I bet Santorum is down lower on the wordsum score as it were. I think you get into a battle between values in the strict sense of the word and reason. But if you look at strict ID proper rather than the Creationism that uses ID as a sign of respectability it really does accept most of scientific history and is really only a minor revision of evolution. Creationists proper end up rejecting a lot out of ignorance or avoidance. Lifescape astrology is a new system. Historically astrology only started to be rejected with early modern science. But for them it was a real question that had to be answered. Newton had beliefs that we would regard as occult, though not astrological if I remember rightly.